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Professional Editing for Business, Literary, and Academic Works

Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Reliable.  Thorough.  Accurate.

I have worked for over 12 years as a writer and copyeditor on a myriad of projects. I know my editing will add to your work's quality and will help your project be at its best, making a good impression and relaying its message clearly.

Find out more about me, browse the services I offer, and contact me today to discuss your writing project. I look forward to working with you.

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Read what KWedit's clients say:

 "Kate is a quick, savvy content editor with a strong background in writing as well as editing. We hired her for a complicated project, and she delivered quality results. She communicated clearly with our team members and delivered excellent work. I will definitely hire Kate again for future projects." Mairead Reinhard, University of Washington College of Education

 "Kate edited my first two novels, and I will definitely be hiring her to be the editor of my third. I love that she doesn't just edit my work, but actually takes a personal interest in the story and the characters that I've created. Knowing that Kate is carefully reading, reviewing, dotting every ‘i’, and crossing every ‘t’ has allowed me the comfort and freedom to create at will, because I know she has my back." Richard Levine, author/D.C.

"Kate was so helpful while I was in the last stage of refining my manuscript. She's fantastic with grammar—if you don't know what an Oxford comma is now, you will after working with her! But more importantly, she read carefully enough to catch little mistakes that I missed, like when I referred to a fictional company as "Jetstar" in one chapter and "JetStar" in the next. All of those little things add up to a very big, well-done job. At the end of the project, she was also very detailed in her overall feedback on characters, plot, and the development of both. I highly recommend her for your novel editing needs." —Francesca Rogers, author

"I go to Kate with all of my most important projects. Whether it's my thesis or an article for publication, I know without a doubt that Kate's work will be flawless and timely. As a bonus, she is a pleasure to work with; she enjoys editing and takes genuine pride in her work. A rare find!" —Captain Julie Janson, United States Air Force

"When I was asked to write a piece for a national magazine, I nearly declined, as my writing had never been published. Luckily, Kate took my very rough draft and turned it into a polished and clear message. She definitely added a skill set, yet she also miraculously maintained my personal voice. The magazine editors published the piece without a single change, and I received numerous compliments and high-fives from friends and strangers alike. Kate has since edited more articles for me, providing the same solid service on different messages to different audiences. I look forward to my next writing project and will recommend KWedit to all my friends." —Robert Williams, Finance Director of a regional non-profit organization