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Professional Editing for Business, Literary, and Academic Works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I hire a professional copyeditor?

All writing gets better with good editing. Even if you are an accomplished writer, it is difficult to see errors in your own work, particularly if you have been working on it for an extended amount of time. A copyeditor can provide 'fresh eyes' as well as discreet feedback that colleagues or employees may be unable to give.

Errors in important documents such as resumes, articles, manuscripts, proposals, official communications, and websites can give a bad impression and cost you time and money. A reader's respect is based not only on the quality of ideas presented, but also how they are presented. While placing a high priority on keeping the author's original voice and maintaining their structure, message, and language, a professional copyeditor can work quickly, thoroughly, and at a high standard to ensure that your work is logically presented, technically accurate, and has the clarity and coherence necessary for effective communication in today's world.

A recent study by UK company Global Lingo found that three out of four people (74%) take note of the quality of spelling or grammar on a company website, and 61% wouldn’t trust a company with errors to provide good service.

The following articles provide more detail on the importance of good editing:

back to topWhat is your editing process?

After I familiarize myself with your project and needs (including the level of editing you prefer and any style guide direction), I will create a contract that outlines the work to be done and a rate estimate for the requested level of editing.

I primarily work with documents in Microsoft Word ("Track Changes" feature), but other formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe are possible as well.

back to topShould I have my manuscript edited before I submit it for publication?

Yes! In today's publishing environment, in-house editing has become less of a priority. They want to see manuscripts submitted as error-free and ready for publication as possible (see The Globe and Mail article Where Have All The Book Editors Gone? for more detail). I can read your work closely and, in addition to general copy editing, can provide feedback and suggestions regarding theme, structure, plot (fiction) or organization (nonfiction), characters, narrative technique, and language use.

back to topDo you edit technical or unfamiliar subject matter?

Yes, a good editor can make use of a vast array of reference material and client information to work with almost any content. As a person outside of your organization or specialty, I can also provide a fresh perspective that will ensure your text is appropriately geared toward your intended audience.

back to topDo you take on writing projects?

Yes, I have quite a bit of experience in writing book reviews and grant proposals, to name two areas. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information if you have a writing project to discuss. Some additional ideas to consider are:

  • Converting a rough draft into a completed document;
  • Creating a report from provided information or data; or
  • Developing a complete document from an outline or concept.
back to topWhat is your education and experience level? How do I know you won't make mistakes?

I have worked for over 12 years as a writer and copyeditor on a myriad of projects (follow link for more information). I know my editing will add to your work's quality and will help your project be at its best, making a good impression and relaying its message clearly.

References can also be provided upon request.

back to topI am not in the Seattle area. Can we still work together if we can't meet in person?

Of course. Most copy editing can be completed via email and occasionally with phone discussions. If you are local, I am happy to meet with you, but it is by no means necessary in order to have a good working relationship and provide exemplary service.

back to topWhat are your rates?

Rates are determined based on the project, and I can charge per page or per hour depending on your preference. Before beginning work, we will agree on a rate and time frame in a written contract.

back to topDo you need a percentage of payment up front?

I require a 50% deposit before beginning work on a project. The balance is due within 10 days of receipt of the completed project.

back to topWhat's the quickest way to contact you?

Email is the most efficient way to get in touch with me. It is answered within 48 hours. If you have a rush project, please add 'URGENT' to your email's subject line, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.